Saffron Patch: Alyssa Saffro’s mom says she is ‘just grateful’ for the support from the US military

Alyssas Saffran has received a letter from the U.S. Army that says she needs to return to the United States for further evaluation.

The letter, sent to her by a U.N. official in Baghdad, says she’s been in Iraq for two months and has been living with post traumatic stress disorder.

Saffren has been in and out of Iraq since the end of December.

She is currently serving a four-month deployment in Kuwait.

She said the letter made her feel like “just a prisoner.”

Saffran said she’s had trouble sleeping, eating, and staying in shape because of her PTSD.

She and her husband are both working.

She has a four year old son.

“I have no choice, but I have to go back,” she said.

Safran has been with the U, Army, since January 2017.

She’s been at the base since then, where she says she has met other veterans.

She also has a Facebook page for vets, and the U-S Army posted that she has been promoted to Sergeant Major of the Army.

Safran said her daughter is now enrolled in college.

She says her daughter had the courage to come forward to report the bullying to the U and U-Kash, two organizations that support veterans.

“They really helped me get through it and I appreciate that.

I’m just grateful,” Saffras said.”

She is a wonderful person.

She does a great job with her kids, with her husband, and she’s doing a great work in her job,” said her husband.

U-Kashes mission is to raise awareness of domestic violence, and has worked with the White House and other agencies to promote awareness and support for the military.

In a statement, U-KS said: “We are working closely with the government of Iraq to ensure that a U-DVVA veteran returning to the homeland will be well supported, safe, and receive the care and support she needs.”

Saffron said she hopes her return will help veterans get the support they need and that she can “come home and see my family and my friends and have them know that I am still here.”

She said she is excited to return home to her family.

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