Cotton patch cafe owner to close on October 1st after six months of operation

The owner of Cotton Patch Cafe in Biker Pits, which has been the subject of an inquiry into whether the business is compliant with the B.C. Government’s biker patch bike laws, has announced that the cafe will close at the end of October.

The cafe’s owners have been under investigation since December 2014 for the alleged sale of stolen bike parts.

The investigation was prompted by an anonymous tip that a B.K.C.-based biker group was selling stolen bikes to a biker gang in the city.

The owner told CBC News that the investigation into the cafe was ongoing.

The closure of the cafe comes at a time when bikers are in crisis and many in the community are in need of help.

The biker patches that are the mainstay of the biker culture are now in short supply and are being replaced with more affordable street clothes, clothing and accessories.

A few bikers have been injured or killed in collisions with motorists.

“This is a huge loss for the community, it is a very sad day for our city,” said Dave Chisholm, president of the Bikers for Bikers of B.T.C., the community advocacy group that has been campaigning for the cafe’s closure.

“There is no doubt in my mind that this is a business that was going to be a source of support for our bikers and we are all in shock.”

Chishal said the cafe has been a source for bikers for the past four years.

Chishlm said the owner of the shop will be closing the business on October 15th.

“It is an important part of the community and it is not something we have been able to sustain,” he said.

Chsholm said he is in contact with the owner and has offered him a job in the Biker Village, a temporary community housing facility for biker groups.

He also said he hopes the cafe can be reopened as a source to the bikers.

“I am hoping that the community can come together and we can help this business, I am hoping it can get back on track and that people will want to come back to the streets and ride their bikes,” he added.

The B.I.A. has launched an investigation into whether B.N.B. has violated the Bikes for Bikes biker laws.

The organization is also calling on the provincial government to provide information on how it can assist bikers who are in serious financial difficulty.

Bikers are concerned that a shutdown of the Cotton Patch Café could result in more deaths and injuries.

The City of Vancouver and the Bicyclists of Bountiful also launched an inquiry last month into whether bikers were being unfairly targeted by the Biking for Bountages biker law.

The law requires bikers to wear helmets, wear reflective clothing, wear a reflective vest, and wear helmets on bikes that are not registered with the province.

B.M.V. police and the RCMP also said in a statement on Tuesday that they were conducting an investigation and would be sharing their findings with the City of Bowness and the Vancouver Police Department.

“Bikers in Bountains riding community need our help.

We are asking anyone with information to contact the Bountain RCMP,” the statement said.

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