The best places to eat in Texas after Hurricane Harvey

DALLAS — If you live in the Dallas metro area, you may be surprised to learn there are plenty of options to satisfy your appetite.

Here are the best places in the Lone Star State to eat, and if you’re traveling, here’s where you can find your next meal.1.

Bistro Katsu, 2222 Westheimer Road, Suite 4B.

Dallas, TX 75202-1688: This Japanese eatery is owned by the same owner as the Japanese restaurant in Dallas named Bistros of Dallas.

Its owners are also behind the Japanese noodle chain Sushi and Sushi.

They’ve been serving delicious Japanese food for decades in a small but well-equipped space, and their ramen is a must-try.2.

The Rooftop Barbecue, 434 Westheimer Rd, Suite C. Dallas-Fort Worth, TX 76102-1618: Located in a converted warehouse, The Roos Barbecue offers brisket, ribs, pork, and sides, but the barbecue here is the best of the best.

Their brisket is a little sweeter than the one on the menu at the Dallas Cowboys game.3.

El Rancho Mexican Restaurant, 1260 W. Sixth Street, Suite 200, Dallas, Texas 76107: Located just a few blocks from the Dallas skyline, El Ranchos Mexican Restaurant has a large selection of Mexican and Mexican-inspired dishes, including a selection of meats, fish and chips, and margaritas.4.

Tiki Lounge, 1110 E. Fifth Street, Dallas-Ft.

Worth, Texas 77002-1819: Located on the west side of Dallas, Tiki is a place for people of all ages to enjoy cocktails, mimosas, tequila shots and other cocktails.

It also has a great patio, and a selection in the area for the weekend.5.

The Bistrophobia, 1526 Eastheimer Road Suite B, Suite 120, Dallas.

TX 75206-2424: This dive bar in the Heights is located in the old French Quarter, but its a great place for a late night snack.

For more information, call (214) 545-5999.6.

Paddlefish Grill, 2927 Westheimer Dr., Suite B. Dallas.

Texas 76105-2114: Located about a half-mile from the DART station, this is a great spot for a meal or two after a long day at work or school.

The menu is limited to a few specialty cocktails, but there are a ton of great burgers and chicken wings to choose from.


El Dormo, 1230 Westheimer, Suite A. Dallas., Texas 76102.

The restaurant is known for its classic and modern menus, but if you like to get fancy, it’s also known for their seafood and sushi options.8.

Japenese Grill, 1175 E. Sixth St., Dallas, Dallas 76102: Located at the intersection of North and East Fifth Streets, this restaurant serves a traditional, classic Japanese cuisine.

This is one of the top spots in the neighborhood to eat and grab a bite.9.

Nacho Cheese Mart, 1090 Westheimer Drive, Suite B-1, Dallas., TX 75207-3111: This Mexican restaurant has a long history of serving Mexican food in a modern setting, but this one is a modern and modern joint.

If your hungry for a quick meal after work, try the Poblano cheese fries.10.

Tacos El Mariachi, 1315 E. First St., Suite 210, Dallas.-Ft Worth, Tx. 77003-6201: Located near downtown, this Mexican restaurant is one to look out for.

There are many choices for tacos, but their best choice is the quesadilla, which is filled with pico de gallo, spicy guacamole, and guac.11.

Barrio Tacos, 707 W. Ninth St., Arlington, Texas 72220-2621: Located next to the Dallas Art Museum, Barrio is a full-service Mexican restaurant that offers great tacos, burritos, and burrito bowls.

Barrio has a huge variety of tacos, and they are also known to offer a huge selection of salads and salads, plus a few other options.12.

The Chorizo and Jalapeño, 722 W. Seventh St., Downtown Dallas, Arlington, TX 72219-2222: Located along Sixth Street near the corner of Seventh and First Streets, the Chorizos and Jalapenos in this small restaurant are the closest you can get to Mexican food.

One of the few places that serves traditional Mexican food, and has a few Mexican-style dishes to choose.13.

El Mariño, 1010 E

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